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Equipment Financing

If you want to upgrade your current heating system with a newer more efficient model, or if your current system is condemned, Western will send a qualified technician to your home to evaluate your requirements and will provide a quote to purchase or finance the new system. Western offers convenient financing plans on any new equipment requirement which helps our customers with an affordable solution to their current home heating problems. Call us today for details.

Lease Buy Out Option
Western will assume existing equipment leases from your current supplier to make it easy to transfer to a Western Petroleum customer today.

Oil Tank Financing
Time is Running Out…………

On April 1st, 2002 the government of Newfoundland and Labrador passed the new legislation for heating oil storage tank systems. The new regulations required all oil tanks of 2500 litre capacity or less to be inspected, upgraded if necessary, tagged and registered by July 31, 2009. If everyone waits until the last minute to have their tanks inspected and registered, we will not be able to accommodate all customers by the deadline of July 31, 2009.

No oil company will be allowed to put heating oil in an oil tank after July 31, 2009 if that tank has not been registered with the department of Environment. If you do not have your tank registered or upgraded, please call one of our local offices to have your tank replaced or inspected as soon as possible.

To help our customers with this Western is offering a 1 year, interest free, 12 month equal payment plan on both Steal and Fiberglass tank installs and upgrades. Call us today to take advantage of this convenience payment plan!

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