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  Warm Air Furnaces

KC Contour
Oil Fired Warm Air Lowboy Furnace

This furnace is a larger version of the KM ECLIPSE with BTU ratings up to 157,000 to heat larger style homes or small commercial spaces. This unit is 36 inches high and has a shipping weight of 280lbs, making installations easier and more econimical.

KM Eclipse
High Efficiency Oil Fired Lowboy Furnace

This unit is an ideal furnace for those hard to reach areas. With a height of only 30 inches, this furnace can be easily installed where most others cannot. This furnace has all the features of larger units, including chamberless design, air conditioning ready with a 4 speed blower, direct vent ready.

K6C Summit Multi
High Efficiency Oil Fired multi-positional Furnace

This furnace is similar to the K4C COMPACT MULTI and has most of the same features but will heat a larger area with BTU ratings of 83,000 – 122,000. High efficiency rates up to 86%, Chamberless Design, Air Conditioning ready with a 4 speed blower and Direct Vent ready are all included with this furnace. KERR also offer the limited lifetime warranty with this unit.

KD Gemini
Oil Fired Warm Air Lowboy Furnace

This unit is one of the most recognizable warm air replacement furnace in the industry. With BTU ratings from 70,000 to 140,000 and a high efficiency of up to 85%, this furnace is able to heat small and larger style homes comfortably and economically. Due to this unit’s ease of adaptability to existing ductwork systems, this is one of the most requested furnaces for retrofit applications.

KC Compact-Multi
High Efficiency Oil Fired Multi-positional Furnace

The unit is known as the most versatile warm air furnace on the market. This 71,000 to 88,000 BTU furnace can be installed hanging form the ceiling, or in a crawl space. Whether it’s a down flow, up flow, or horizontal flow this furnace can be adapted for any installation. Ease of installation and an efficiency to 88% make this model a popular choice for any homeowner with a small to mid size house.

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